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Mom Maintenance Community

There’s 24 hours in a day, yet your “alone time”, if you're lucky, is at 11 pm when you're exhausted and headed to bed while thinking about how you’ll tackle tomorrow’s to-do list. 




I get it…


You're doing it all, juggling countless responsibilities as a mother, and amidst the chaos, have lost sight of your own needs and desires. Working and assuming the roles of chef,  therapist & chauffeur can be thankless jobs!  Add the fact that you feel it's your duty to ensure your loved ones feel supported, protected, and loved and it’s no wonder you’re tapped out. You show up for them even when you have little to no energy left for yourself and this has become your way of life…


At this point, you don't even know what prioritizing your needs looks like,especially with Mom Guilt clouding your judgment. You're probably asking yourself, “ What do I even need or want in life right now!?”


I know, I'm in your head. 


But I'm not a mind reader; I, along with hundreds of other moms can relate!  


You're drowning in a sea of responsibilities wishing someone would just throw you a proverbial life jacket already, but you're too scared to admit that not only do you need help & support, but you feel guilty that you've neglected yourself this much to the point of not really knowing who you are.

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The good news is I hear you, see you & have a solution to help you FINALLY live life on your own terms!


The Mom Maintenance Community is here to receive you into the fold as you come to the conclusions about your current emotional state & the fears of losing all you have and love. 


Life is ALWAYS going to life!  


Yes, it will get crazy, and yes, you're going to constantly have to make uncomfortable & scary decisions in order to “figure things out,” but it doesn't mean you have to wait on others to give you the permission to focus on your mindset & emotional wellness. It’s time to put you first!


You lost yourself by dimming your light to please others, & that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You don't know, what you don't know! But now it's time for a change, because SURVIVAL MODE no longer serves you.  The truth is you need to find a balance that recharges you so you can feel valuable in your life again while sharing your valuable time & energy with those who deserve it.

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The Mom Maintenance Community is a supportive space for moms who feel out of control, imbalanced & overwhelmed from caring for everyone else but themselves.  Moms who join realize they have been People Pleasing Pushovers who are tired of being the “Nice One” for others while they ignore their basic needs.  Becoming a member gives them a chance to not feel alone or judged for where they are, while giving them tools to get out of this funk!


Using my lived experiences, decades of supporting moms through inspiration & motivation, as well as Mindset certification, I provide the support and accountability you need and deserve. It's difficult to work on becoming emotionally available after ignoring the neglect and/or abuse you’ve survived in your life, but to get through this tough situation you have to go through it!


This 10-week program is designed to help you explore the importance of unlearning toxic survival habits that drain & limit you, replacing them with positive mindset and emotional wellness work that pours into your present & future self.


The self guided workbooks, group and 1 on 1 virtual sessions focus on Mindset & Emotional Wellness as a means to building confidence while providing clarity.  

In committing to doing the work in the Mom Maintenance Community you will:

  • Master emotional triggers and manage stress effectively

  • Communicate assertively while setting boundaries confidently

  • Embrace a growth mindset for self-care and personal development

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What to expect:



 With my support and accountability for 10 weeks we will dive into the importance of a growth mindset so you can finally learn ways to channel your energy more efficiently.  


An Awakening

Gain access to Digital Interactive workbooks that guide and help you reflect on what YOU (not your kids or your family) need and discover how emotional triggers have been holding you back so you can forgive yourself & embrace the real YOU.



Membership to a dope community of like-minded moms who are ready to support you through tough (and sometimes uncomfortable) realizations as you do the work to regain confidence in embracing who you were, are and will become. 

Sharing your journey & listening to others will give you the strength you need to determine the next steps in finding & becoming your best self.


Undivided Attention

As you wrap up your work, you will be invited to a 1 on 1 meeting with Me, Tasha G (Certified in Mindset Work), to customize your Mom Maintenance Emotional Wellness Plan which you will incorporate into your life as you move forward, more aware of who you are!


We will discuss your experience as a Community Member and work through the next steps that will keep you on your journey to self-love and that soft life you deserve! 


You will walk away being able to use your time & work in the Community to re-evaluate relationships and people in your life, allowing you to confidently continue with the ones worth your time and energy while letting go of the ones that are toxic & draining.

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As cliche, as this may sound, no one in your life will be good unless you are good first. It’s your responsibility to take care of your feelings & needs, which includes finding your happiness and peace! It's time you make yourself valuable again and you deserve to not put this off any longer. 


The Mom Maintenance Community is live and to be considered for an exclusive invite you will start with 7 Days of M.E. (My Energy), 1 week to focus on Mindset & Emotional Wellness. 


7 Days of M.E. gives us an opportunity to work together and virtually meet in order to determine if you are ready to commit to the Mom Maintenance Community. 


Imagine: starting the healing & personal development process for about the same amount of money you would spend on lunch!

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