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Hey Queen!

Straighten Your Crown

I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS, and YOU DESERVE TO!

It's time to put yourself first and transform into your best self! 

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The 21-Day Rage Page Challenge has been REVAMPED & is better than ever! 

If you're looking for a way to reset your mindset, take your power back &  finally free yourself from past pain, anger, and guilt, then Challenge your Rage! offer is for you!

You deserve the opportunity to just let it all out, the good and the bad, without being judged.  


Many times, you just want someone to listen and be real with you... 


A person who will support you and hold you accountable in your growth & won't sugarcoat things ... 


Someone who understands your anger and knows how to help you find peace within yourself.

I know you're thinking: “There is no peace.” But there is! The truth is, the things you’re holding onto from the past. are preventing you from living in the present. 


It’s time to find YOUR peace!  Forgive yourself, grieve the past pain, and take your power back in real time!

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I'm Tasha G., and I've been where you are.

Life is overwhelming! – You’re drowning in responsibilities, disappointments, and the constant need to be functional because so many people are depending on you  --leaving you to feel like there's no room left for you.

But guess what? You're not alone in this struggle!


In fact, Challenge your Rage! was created with you in mind!

It’s the safe space you need to work on YOU! Where together, we will find a way out of those negative, yet VALID emotions and into some real peace and happiness.

In this Challenge, we'll work through your past grief using daily texts and a step-by-step companion workbook to help guide you through the healing processes. 


You'll Learn How To:

Red Rose

Recognize emotional triggers so you could STOP letting your anger control you and START nurturing the relationships that serve you


You'll Learn How To:


Create a foundation for successful Emotional Wellness Habits-- ones that will last long after this challenge ends!

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It’s time to build a future that puts YOUR feelings and needs first!

Here's what you'll get:


Challenge your Rage! Digital Workbook to help track your progress and take notes. 


3 weekly 30-minute Virtual check-in sessions with me to discuss your progress in the challenge, assisting you with mindset blocks and tips for building successful Emotional Wellness habits that make you a priority!


Daily text messages to guide your workbook process and transform perspective, helping with accountability while grounding you in emotional awareness.

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What You'll Leave With

Tools to help you find outlets for your emotions and the confidence to take your power back UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Pride that you've made it through the 21-day process, a time frame that is scientifically known to create new habits or knowledge of what you need to strengthen in order to hold yourself accountable in your Emotional Wellness Journey.

The information shared and digital workbook are yours to keep so you can continue to work on your transformation well after the Challenge has ended!

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I’m Tasha G., the Transformation Guide.

I’m here to straighten the crown that’s been slipping off your head due to negativity and trauma by guiding you on the ultimate healing journey toward fully embracing yourself and developing a growth mindset. 


Through my Blooming Growth Mindset Experiences and other strategies, you will learn how to accept, so you can heal, prioritize yourself before ALL, and create healthier self-care habits, allowing you to step into the next chapter of your life as the best version of yourself.  


Welcome to the ultimate supportive zone where authenticity is mandatory, empowerment is inevitable, and growth is inescapable.


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