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Hey Queen!

Straighten Your Crown

It’s time to transform into your best self and learn to put yourself FIRST. I have been in your shoes before, and I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS, and YOU DESERVE TO!


Do You.....?

Have a hard time dealing with toxic people and situations?

Find it hard to set boundaries because you want to be “nice”?

Need to learn how to say no without feeling guilt?


Together, we can work through your past traumas so you can LIVE YOUR LIFE!



Empowered Thinking is the process of encouraging one to think, behave, manage, take action and make decisions about their life.


Boundaries Boot Camp

Setting boundaries with toxic people who drain your energy

Getting UNSTUCK from past pain that's been holding you back

Proudly owning who you are and what you need and deserve to be your best self

This workshop is going to be LIT because it is all about giving you the tools to TRANSFORM your lifestyle into one that you can be proud of.

Ready to confidently use the power of the word NO?

What about forgiving yourself for unavoidable mistakes you made by letting others use you when you didn't know any better?

Want to learn how to deal with some of your worst fears by understanding how to tame them?

I’m Tasha G., the Transformation Guide.

I’m here to straighten the crown that’s been slipping off your head due to negativity and trauma by guiding you on the ultimate healing journey toward fully embracing yourself and developing a growth mindset. 


Through my Blooming Growth Mindset Experiences and other strategies, you will learn how to accept, so you can heal, prioritize yourself before ALL, and create healthier self-care habits, allowing you to step into the next chapter of your life as the best version of yourself.  


Welcome to the ultimate safe zone where authenticity is mandatory, empowerment is inevitable, and growth is inescapable.


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Ready for the journey?

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