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Mommy Burnout is REAL! How can you heal??

There's no way around it: moms need to learn how to bounce back from Mommy Burnout. As a mom of 3 I learned the only way I was going to be good for my family was by finding out ways to be good to and for myself. Using Emotional Wellness techniques to manage emotions and responsibilities better has been a GAME CHANGER! And I've been sharing this process for years with loved ones and strangers alike so they can start to balance and enjoy their lives by finding themselves.

The Superwoman complex needs to be revisited; I mean it is literally affecting your health! You need help and a space to learn healthy ways to process past trauma while putting yourself first in your life. It's time to trust and love yourself because it's time to begin walking into the new season of life where you feel seen, heard and in charge of your life!

Mommy burnout is real and this question needs to be answered: How can you learn how to relax without regret?

I created the Mom Maintenance program to provide a supportive space & solutions to moms who know they need ways to hang up their capes and put on something that is more suitable for their own needs. At this point in your life you're EXHAUSTED with the day to day that comes with your life and you need something to provide recharge. You need to be able to find ways to relax without regret, heal without the Hell, and Bloom where you are planted! And that means it's time to deal in facts, not feelings, so let me provide you with some clarity!

There are several reasons why Mom Maintenance is important:

1. Self-care: As a mom, it's easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else's needs and neglecting your own. Mom Maintenance helps you with admitting where you're stuck while finding ways for you to work on your Emotional Wellness so you can learn how to appreciate yourself and enjoy life.

2. Mental health: Taking care of yourself is crucial for your mental health. When you neglect your own needs, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and burnout. Mom Maintenance helps you confidently learn yourself so you can decide what self care options are best for you, like exercise, meditation, or even therapy.

3. Role modeling: As a mom, you are a role model for your children. By prioritizing your own needs and practicing self-care, you are teaching your children the importance of taking care of themselves. This can help them develop healthy habits and prioritize their own well-being in the future. Mom Maintenance is a program with tools & techniques that focus on building better habits to confidently lead you on the road to becoming your best self, giving you what you need to break generational curses and cycles that don't serve you.

It's time to let go of the shame and embarrassment that comes from past choices when you had little to no guidance or emotional support. Embracing self care means building confidence in your self worth, self esteem, emotional vulnerability and optimism. You deserve to heal and find emotional outlets to help you become a better person to yourself. Honoring and validating your own emotions & needs is not easy, but it's also not impossible. It's time to put yourself first and take your power back!

What are some things you will work on in the Mom Maintenance program?

-Finally figuring out why you feel worthless and upset most of the time, even though you are busy and doing the best you can for so many.

-Being more present with your kids (and partner) instead of always thinking about what you have next on your to-do list.

-Learning how not to be so hard on yourself for not doing everything perfectly all the time (like keeping up with laundry and cooking dinner every night).

-Ways to make your NO stick by setting boundaries and teaching people how to treat you.

-Loving yourself more than anything else in this world because you're important to your children!

Want to know more about the Mom Maintenance program? Visit my website for the details!

Be Well,

Tasha G.

Transformation Guide

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