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Embrace 2024 as Your New Year for a New Mindset!


Hey mama, remember the spark in your eyes before life got so loud? The joy you felt before juggling to-dos replaced your dreams? It's time to reclaim that! Ditch the overwhelm and step into your most empowered self with Tasha G.'s New Year, New Mindset Affirmation Kit.


The Affirmation Kit:

This powerful duo empowers you to heal, grow, and rediscover your joy:


  • New Year, New Mindset Affirmation Cards:

Unlock the transformative power of the seven Chakras, each linked to an empowering affirmation:


  1. Crown: "I Understand" for clarity and wisdom.
  2. Third Eye: "I See" for intuition and fresh perspectives.
  3. Throat: "I Speak" for authentic expression and truth.
  4. Heart: "I Love" for self-compassion and deep connection.
  5. Solar Plexus: "I Do" for action, confidence, and manifestation.
  6. Sacral: "I Feel" for embracing emotions and unleashing creativity.
  7. Root: "I Am" for groundedness, security, and purpose.                                                                                                                                                            

 Follow the Chakra sequence and feel free to personalize affirmations to create a daily ritual of self-affirmation and deeper connection.


New Year, New Mindset Reflection Notebook:

  • Your companion for deep reflection and journaling.
  • Track your progress on your accountability, consistency, and self care journey.
  • Daily journaling prompts guide you to explore your experiences, shifts in mindset, and moments of gratitude.
  • Set positive intentions and goals, outlining steps and celebrating milestones.
  • Challenge negative thoughts and embrace your creative expression.
  • Weekly reflection pages help you identify patterns, celebrate wins, and stay motivated.


Don't just survive in 2024, mama. Thrive! 


Order your New Year, New Mindset Affirmation Kit today and step into the lifestyle you deserve!

New Year, New Mindset! Affirmation Kit

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