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So where did Toxic Mom come from??...

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

How Toxic Mom helped me relate to generations of Emotionally unhealed parents, and started the "Am I a Toxic Mom?" Conversation

Picture it: The Tuesday before Thanksgiving...

I'm scrolling through social media and come across the post of an influencer that seems to have wanted ALL the smoke with me that morning...

(To paraphrase his words) "You are NOT a celebrity! Don't worry about your brand looking perfect to us. Just post! It's ok to be cringe! It's ok to dance! Just post! We will love and enjoy it!"

This rung a bell in my head like it was 12 noon on a sunday in church! I preach to people about getting out of their own way and I hadn't realized I'd been blocking my creativity by thinking I had to put on a grand show and copy someone else's success on social media. WTF was I thinking??

I grabbed the wig, glasses and shawl I had in my office and right there in my living room gave birth to Toxic Mom!

Toxic Mom is a mixture of women I've encountered through the years as family members and parents of friends and associates. They all had a few things in common:

  • Stuck in their ways and people don't like them for it

  • Quick to blame and slow to apologize

  • Throw temper tantrums like toddlers

  • Want attention but seem to now know how to communicate

I'm grateful to have caught that message because Toxic Mom is catching the attention of many and helping those who have to deal with a Toxic Mom or mother figure realize they are not alone.

To get a handle on toxic people and situations remember these things:

  • You have the right to take your power back by putting your foot down!

  • Teach people how to treat you by setting boundaries. They will either respect them or get ejected from your life!

  • Being a People Pleasing Pushover will not get everyone to like you more: you will actually like yourself less!

Check out my Toxic Mom posts by visiting my Instagram page (click the Toxic Mom photo above) or searching #Toxicmom

And if you have been looking for ways to become aware of toxic tendencies and disarm toxic people visit my site and grab the free download The Toxic Mom Cheat Sheet today!

Be Well!

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